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Mechanical and Forensic Engineer


For assistance with forensic investigations, please gather the information that is available and contact us. Eventually, we will ask for documents and evidence such as:


  • The complaint, the answer, disclosure statements, answers to interrogatories, responses to requests for production of documents

  • Police/accident and  first-responder reports

  • Initial medical reports (if applicable)

  • OSHA or other reports 

  • Service and maintenance records, repair estimates

  • Written or recorded statements of witnesses

  • Relevant photographs or videos - especially digital

  • Sales brochures and other advertising information (including training materials for both dealers and customers)

  • Operator's manual, parts catalogs, service and repair manuals

  • Risk assessment and management reports (if applicable)

  • Test procedures and fully-documented test results from the manufacturer (if applicable)

  • Assemblies and part models and/or drawings (if applicable)

  • Depositions of witnesses, experts, plaintiffs, and defendants

  • Evidence (subject and exemplar)

  • Opposing or other expert reports

  • Jury instructions

  • and other

We can help you gather some of this information if we are called into the process early enough. We can also help you prepare the questions that are pertinent for deposing witnesses.

An important part of any investigation is seeing the actual site and the artifacts. The sooner we are able to review these items, the better the evidence we will be able to garner from the inspection.

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