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About | FACET-ics | United States

FACETics is an engineering consulting service, now specializing in forensic investigation and expert witness activities.
The principals at FACETics have extensive experience in the Off-Road and Heavy Equipment Industry. They are innovators and problem solvers. They drive for root cause, in the case of product failures. They have a strong background in successfully bringing innovative products to market.  
FACETics was established in 2004 as a management consulting firm. The emphasis of the company was to establish a scheme for organizing corporate artifacts such as requirements, specifications, code development files, CAD files, product support documentation, sales brochures. Efforts have been conducted to standardize this approach. You may learn more about this proprietary approach by contacting FACETics.
Since 2010, FACETics' proprietary scheme has been applied extensively in the area of forensic investigation to provide a clear and understandable presentation of facts and opinions. Expert reports provide clear scientific rationale to support these opinions.
Please contact FACETics for Mechanical Engineering assistance.
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